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Ki Records
Kadow Kai GbR
Stuhlmannstr. 5
22767 Hamburg

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Mitch < >
As one of the founding members of Ki, Mitch is a driving force behind the label. The philosophy of Ki means a lot to him, since his musical taste is just as diverse as the Ki Releases. An enthusiasm for Music in general makes him absorb many influences from the past and today, always searching for new inspiration and a way to express emotions with music. His Vinyl only DJ-Set's cover a wide range crossing the genres and his unique music selection is making people dance at selected clubs and festivals in Germany and abroad. 


25. April 14
Nr. z. P., Bielefeld

11. May 14
Blaue Lagune Open Air, Wachtendonk

23. May 14
Electronic Beats Festival, Cologne

7. June 14
Heinz Gaul, Cologne

14. June 14
Humboldthain, Berlin

25. July 14
Heinz Gaul, Cologne