Arp Aubert


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Arp Aubert - Moshislongo

Surfacing from the depths of Ki’s waters to cheers and happy roars, Arp Aubert bursts forth with a long-awaited new release. From the shop of Mirau operator Stephan Lorenz, “Moshislongo” bears his trademark devotion to exhilarated perfection. The title track rolls out a hovercraft-like texture, bound for the scenic route amidst a flock of happily fluttering beats of myriad shapes and sizes. A sparkling surge from beneath bounces the lot along in kaleidoscopic unison, birds of a feather after all. Track B, “Lowport”, wanders through the deep, propelling it’s effervescing mass amidst Pascalian bubbles and the current’s pull, a benevolent Leviathan guiding a favored ship through an unknown sea. The second part of Lowport tacks langorously into friendlier waters. The acid bass bobs like a confident sound mantra through a forest of calimbas and melancholy synthie chords. The weather is looking up. The sun comes out. Me Succeeds have a graceful take on the title track. The now two-person band of Lorin Strohm and Mona Steinwidder translate the original’s melancholy pulsing moods into a profound sound-tableau. Mona recites a text of her own, circling over dub-character beats and fading chords. Alexander Polzin’s Moshislongo Remix marches through unmowed fields. Jumbled vocals give rise to the warm chinook of a constant bass. On it blows, reverently, as pearls and bubbles dance into the warm bass from all directions. Contentment throughout, all will be well!