Christian Löffler

Aspen EP

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 Christian Löffler - Aspen EP

„Aspen“ is the name of Christian Loeffler’s single before his debut album on Ki, „A Forest“. The name of the single should not be minsinterpreted as a dedication to the ski resort in Colorado. It’s rather a dedication to Christian Loeffler’s home region in the north of Germany. Loeffler walked out into the forests near Darss, to take field recordings of the trees that commonly grow in that area, which are called „Aspen“. The landscape near Darss is characterized by signs of storm and rough sea climate, but is also considered as a popular health resort in Germany. The tracks on „Aspen“ create this contrary atmosphere: noise and silence, destruction and peacefulness, electronic sounds and traditional instruments unite in harmony. The Cover Artwork for „Aspen“ was taken by Christian Loeffler himself in the Forests of Darss.