Happy Little Accidents

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Kalipo - Happy Little Accidents


After the successful release of the Happy Little Accidents PART I, Kalipo prepares to launch the album’s PART II, which counts with six electro-focused tracks as well as the participation of feature artists Ira Atari, Oberst & Buchner and Subkutan.

Iconic 80s painter and TV host, Bob Ross is celebrated for his thirty-minute landscapes, recognizably soothing voice as well as the ‘happy little quotes’ he imprinted on pop culture. One of Ross’ most memorable turns of phrase, “We don't make mistakes; we just have happy accidents," went on to encourage thousands worldwide. And not just painters. “For me, this album was about letting the songs develop very quickly and not evaluating them too much, or trying to avoid mistakes,” says German electronic music producer, Kalipo (Jakob Häglsperger) who named his latest release Happy Little Accidents after Ross’ signature phrase. “Bob Ross really impressed me as a child, he was always so accessible to everyone and demonstrated how easy it was for anyone to work creatively,” says Kalipo, who translated Ross’ fast and instinctive wet-on-wet painting technique to music-making on Happy Little Accidents. The 12 tracks that make up PART I and PART II of the album are a celebration of the method - sometimes it’s a floaty journey with tinkering sounds, at other times dark fast beats create the core of the music, but there’s always a sense of intuition and heart driving Kalipo’s productions.