Hior Chronik


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1. Strange Days
2. Sad Swan (feat. Lilla Clara) 03:42
3. Don't Speak So I Can Hear You
4. Trigger (with Mohna)
5. Once Again I Felt I Wanna Escape
6. Mind Fog (feat. Aparde)
7. What's Wrong With You
8. Forest (feat. Lilla Clara)
9. Bench and Cats
10. Happy Here (feat. Lilla Clara)
11. Hallucination
12. Make No Attempt (feat. Thistlemorse)
13. Shelter (with Christian Grothe)
14. Take Your Jacket with You
15. Cloud Peels (feat. Lilla Clara)

Haze is Greek producer and composer, Hior Chronik’s latest creation.
Aligning with his previous critically acclaimed album, Descent, Haze creates an electro-ambient world which accentuates modern classical minimalism. It is an album which deeply embodies tranquility, fulfillment and meaningful connection, aspirations born out of Hior Chronik’s past in Athens, and realised by his relocation near to a forest in Berlin, where he can truly feel at-home, surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.