Die Luft, der Garten und das Meer

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1. Die Luft 08:27
2. Der Garten 06:43
3. Das Meer 06:34

the air over the garden, overlooking the sea. sunday afternoon with friends. the smell of charcoal is in the air. legs are stretched out.
bottle caps jump up with the insects.
here you breathe, here you live. is it always like this?

the green of the garden seems to become more intense. heavy floral fragrance bewitch the spirits.
glittering dust settles on all plants that seem to be reaching in our direction.
the cool of the evening lets you expect the end of the day. is he smiling?

the moon shimmers in the sea. the night shines in silver. all color has escaped and yet - the endlessness of the horizon exerts a magical power. the water is deep and dark. there are dazzling creatures down there, feeling attracted to each other.
is this the light? - Stimming on “Die Luft, Der Gartner und Das Meer”