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 Monokle - RINGS

Russia might not be the epicenter of electronic music from a western point of view but the German label Ki records likes to spread out it’s ears worldwide searching for unique music and producers. That’s how it happened back in 2012, when Vlad Kudryavtsev aka Monokle first appeared on the labels catalogue with his critically acclaimed “Saints”. The nine tracks and three remixes strong debut release on Ki of the St. Petersburg based producer weren’t his first releases, but the first that caught the attention of re-known magazines.“It’s as if Coco Rosie and Boards of Canada came together to make music”. “A dreamy version of IDM with signs of Post-Dubstep” or “Warp would’ve released some of these tracks as classics back in the day” should make the producer very proud, since he’s a big fan of the legendary British imprint. In Russia the album was even priced with an award and a big bottle of Vodka. Which fluids were responsible for the creative process of his new album is left to speculation. Two years Monokle was busy creating these 11 tracks and he got support by some fellows from the flourishing Russian electronic music scene. His close friend and partner in crime Milinal, who also made a remix for the 2012 release “Saints”, gave his voice for the second track on the album “Calypt". Also another Ki family member, the Moscow based vocalist Gala Ga who is the lead sing of the band Aanbreken is featured on the song “Blow”.The album opens with „Rouse“, which combines a timpany-esque melody and ghostly vocals with a spheric bed of sounds. In „Calypt“, Monokle shows his full talent as a songwriter. The vocals of Milinal are perfectly aligned on a track full of live acoustics and organic sounds. In „Backwash“, Monokle focuses more on the dance-floor oriented side of his productions and delivers a perfect late night track ready to keep the crowd on the dance-floor moving, and dreaming!„Holytin" feels like a track that was made for Ki. It perfectly combines melancholic sounds to a track that makes us forget the day to day life and takes us into a better world: The world of music with all it's facets, which Ki is all about.