Hior Chronik


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Hior Chronik - Descent

Descent – the Greek producer’s sixth solo album out via Ki Records – is largely influenced by the Berlin music scene and culture as well as everyday life there. “I was moving a lot between Athens and Berlin and I was feeling undecided where my home is. Home is a returning back to the place I was feeling safe and closer to myself” says Hior of the track ‘Back Home’. It’s all about simple everyday pleasures like a late night walk along the river Spree, reflected in rich textures of 'Spree at Night’.

Throughout the years of writing and recording, Hior has collaborated with film makers as well as diverse artists such as Masatoshi Fujita, Akira Kosemura or Christian Löffler. On this recording he is joined by two vocalists. “Anna Maria's voice is so innocent and pure that it inspired me to compose ‘Make Sense’, which was a nice start for me creating a pop song for the first time” he says. It sets the tone beautifully; Hior’s rhythms a soft hum underneath Anna Maria’s ghostly voice.

The closing track of the album ‘Trace’ is a collaboration with the vocalist Faira, “She has a warm and very emotional voice. At first I wrote this track for piano and then it naturally became a different song adding electronic sounds”. Descent weaves together propulsive rhythms and deconstructed vocals in an organic and thoroughly arresting blend.